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Mall Security Officer Union | Looking to Join or Form a Mall Security Officer Union? | Union for Security Officers

What is the role of Mall security officer?

Mall security is a common first career choice for many security guards. Mall security officers interact with the public in many ways, such as providing support in emergency situations, such as dissuading individuals from causing a nuisance or breaking the law and providing general help and direction to mall patrons.

You might think that mall security officers consists of a guard or a group of mall security officers wandering around a mall responding to situations, but there’s actually more to it than that. A good mall security officer team can be comprised of a variety of security-oriented individuals, such as dispatch, several mall security officers or agents that patrol different areas of the mall on foot, and a team of behavior detection agents.

What are the duties of a security officer in a mall?

5 Responsibilities of a Mall Security Officer

  • Provide emergency response support. 

  • Respond to and prevent criminal activity. 

  • Patrol or surveillance of mall activity. 

  • Promote a safe environment. 

  • Maintain order

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