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Looking to Join or Form a Airport Security Officers Union? If so please Sign Our United Federation LEOS-PBA Membership Form Below.

Airport Security Officers Union | Looking to Join or Form a Airport Security Officers Union? | Union for Security Officers

What is the role of security officer in airport?

Provides security protection for civilian/commercial aviation, aircraft and passengers. arrive at the scene. Renders assistance to motorists as needed. Inspects buildings and responds to fire and burglary alarms.

Essential Functions (include but not limited to): Airport Security Officers are trained for several different posts including those detailed below. Working in conjunction with airline and government agencies, the main priority of each position is to ensure that our client airline maintains compliance with local and federal regulations in respect to each of the following:

  • Aircraft Access Control: by assuring that only authorized personnel enter the aircraft while on the ground.

  • Aircraft Ramp Access Control: by providing AOA access control & safety oversight while aircraft is on the ground

  • Aircraft Search: by meticulously searching all areas of the aircraft according to company, and federal regulations to ensure the safety of travelers’ pre-departure.

  • Baggage Security: by surveillance of bag room & baggage make up area to ensure no baggage is stolen or pilfered.

  • Catering Security: by providing surveillance at the catering kitchen, searching all catering equipment, and ensuring that nothing is tampered with in transit from the facilities to aircraft.

  • Passenger Verification: by providing exemplary customer service in airport terminal while making sure that all passengers have valid identification and are authorized to board flights

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