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Looking to Join or Form a Federal Protective Service Officer Union? If so please Sign Our United Federation LEOS-PBA Membership Form Below.

Federal Protective Service Officer Union | Looking to Join or Form a Federal Protective Service Officer Union? | Union for Security Officers

Federal Protective Service officer

Federal Protective Service employees are primarily concerned with providing security, surveillance and law enforcement services in and around the over 9,000 federal buildings located throughout the U.S. They also provide security during key events administered by the state, such as foreign dignitary visits or public

What does a Federal Protective Service Officer do?

As a protective service officer you will: Undertake national protective security and first-response operations. Deter, detect and respond to criminal activity. Report, input, collate and retrieve data for operational purposes.


Can Federal Protective Service police pull you over?

Federal police officers do not have the authority to pull you over for minor traffic violations like speeding or failure to signal for a turn. And they can't stop you for misdemeanor offenses such as those and detain you for local officers.

Federal Protective Service Mission

Mission Statement: To prevent, protect, respond to and recover from terrorism, criminal acts, and other hazards threatening the U.S. Government’s critical infrastructure, services, and the people who provide or receive them.

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