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Court Security Officer CSO Union | Looking to Join or Form a Court Security Officers CSO Union? | Union for Security Officers

Court Security Officers CSO's

The chief responsibility of a court security officer, also known as a bailiff or marshal, is to maintain safety in a courtroom. You work to ensure the safety of everyone in the courthouse, including judges, courtroom staff, and the general public. A court security officer is responsible for maintaining peace and order during courtroom procedures and operations. Court security officers manage the security stability of the courthouse, verifying the identity of the visitors, and reporting any suspicious activities and behaviors within the premises. They also ensure the safety of trial participants and banning violating materials and instruments inside the trial court. A court security officer must be highly organizational and observational to trace unusual activities, adhering to courthouse internal regulations and policies.


RESPONSIBILITIES. Court officers are peace officers who are required to wear uniforms and carry firearms. They are charged with providing law enforcement, security services and maintaining order within court facilities statewide.

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