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Special police officer

The term Special Police Officer, is any person who is commissioned which have been approved pursuant to this act, and who may be authorized to carry a weapon. They are privately commissioned police officers with full arrest powers within an area or premises which the officer has been employed to protect.

Special police usually describes a police force or unit within a police force whose duties and responsibilities are significantly different from other forces in the same country or from other police in the same force, although there is no consistent international definition. A special constable, in most cases, is not a member of a special police force (SPF); in countries in the Commonwealth of Nations and often elsewhere, a special constable is a voluntary or part-time member of a national or local police force or a person involved in law enforcement who is not a police officer but has some of the powers of a police officer.

How do you become a special police officer?

The SPOs would be recruited after clearing three rounds of interviews, to be conducted by police station chiefs, assistant commissioners and deputy commissioners, before finally being authorized by the city police chief.

What is a special police officer in Massachusetts?

A Special Police Officer holds no Civil Service status, but can perform in the same capabilities as a full-‐time Police Officer or Reserve Police Officer. A Special Police Officer is required to have successfully completed a full-‐time Academy administered by the Massachusetts Police Training Council.

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