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Looking to Join or Form a Armed Security Officers Union? 
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Armed Security Officers Union | Looking to Join or Form a Armed Security Officers Union? | Union for Security Officers

What is the role of Armed Security Officer?

A Armed Security Officer, or Armed Security Guard, is responsible for deterring criminal activity by adhering to a facility’s security measures. Their duties include reviewing video surveillance equipment to identify odd behaviors, patrolling the interior and exterior of a property in set intervals and only providing property access to authorized individuals.

The Armed Security Officer (ASO) is primarily responsible to perform protective service work such as (i) controlling access to company facilities by employees, customers, vendors and visitors, (ii) protecting employees and visitors to company facilities by maintaining a visible presence. (iii) securing company owned or leased buildings and property, and (iv) protecting company equipment and material. The ASO will respond to emergencies, support unarmed security officers in execution of their duties, engage in foot and mobile patrol of company facilities and conduct crowd, parking, and traffic control, inspections, and perimeter and internal access control. The ASO does not act in the capacity of a law enforcement officer, and has no arrest or apprehension powers. The ASO is armed with a side arm and/or other secondary weapons as required.



I. Ability to deter, respond to and engage in active shooter incidents or workplace violence to include bodily harm or deadly force as allowed by law. When feasible use appropriate techniques to deescalate an aggressive situation.

II. Demonstrates/certified firearm proficiency, safety, familiarity and tactics. Must pass all background requirements for a conceal and carry permit.

III. Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing with all level of employees in a tactful and respectful manner. Can react well under pressure specifically in large group settings.

IV. Ability to identify, define and resolves problems through collection of data, establishing facts and drawing valid conclusions. Can develop alternative solutions to problem situations as well as make sound business decisions based on that data.

V. Will be responsible for proper maintenance and functional operation of any company issued equipment.

VI. Follow applicable standard operating procedures and government regulations pertaining to security of weapons, buildings, personnel, government property and equipment.

VII. Will conduct personnel, vehicular, building, & facility checks and package & parcel inspection.

VIII. Perform basic first aid, CPR and AED as necessary prior to first responders.

IX. Upon request by Crisis/Security Manager or HR to assist in employee termination process.

X. Ability to remain on feet for long hours, conduct roving patrols, climb and descend stairs and respond to an emergency by quickly reporting to the scene on foot.

XI. Complete other related duties as assigned.

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