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Looking to Join or Form a Campus Safety Officer Union? If so please Sign Our United Federation LEOS-PBA Membership Form Below.

Campus Safety Officer Union | Looking to Join or Form a Campus Safety Officer Union? | Union for Security Officers

What is a campus safety officer?

Under the general supervision of a Shift Manager, the Campus Safety Officer is a member of a team of public safety specialists responsible for providing personal safety for members for the university community through a courteous, helpful and professional manner.


What is a key responsibility of a campus security authority?

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are responsible for reporting allegations of Clery Act crimes. CSAs must also report any Clery Act crimes reported to them or that they witness. The crime reporting party, victim, witness or offender does not need to be affiliated with the University.


What makes a good Campus Safety Officer?

An effective safety leader is quick to notice and respond to safety issues as they arise, lending visibility to these and any lessons to learn, while stimulating co-operation, trust and inspired motivation among employees.

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