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Looking to Join or Form a Cruise Ship Security Officers Union? 
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Cruise Ship Security Officers Union | Looking to Join or Form a Cruise Ship Security Officers Union? | Union for Security Officers

What is a cruise ship security officer?

Cruise ship security officers are security guards who work on cruise ships and typically have prior experience working in law enforcement, security or the military. These are the professionals who patrol cruise ships and ensure the safety of all passengers and crew members on board. Cruise ship security officers can travel the world, and they often get to enjoy many of the amenities aboard the ships they work on.

Cruise Ship Security Officers are responsible for leading a team of security personnel in monitoring guest and crew activities, investigating security matters that arise, and promptly reporting and correcting security issues in order to maintain a safe and secure shipboard environment in line with the company’s core values.

What does a cruise ship security officer do?

Security officers on a cruise ship often report to chief or deputy security officers or staff captains to carry out objectives regarding the safety and patrol of the ship. They monitor and control all points of entry to the vessel and assist during passenger boarding to ensure passengers meet screening requirements to board. Cruise ship security officers must also train in anti-terrorism and anti-piracy techniques to develop the skills necessary to mitigate threats and respond to emergency situations should they arise onboard. Additional job duties cruise ship security officers perform include:

  • Recording and presenting activity logs during evening and overnight hours to document security status

  • Performing regular patrol of all areas on board the vessel, including public and crew-only areas

  • Conducting scheduled and random security inspections in crew quarters to ensure crew members' safety and compliance to regulations and maritime law

  • Checking luggage and belongings of crew members and passengers to ensure no prohibited items come on board the vessel

  • Attending meetings, training programs and educational courses in compliance with cruise line regulations

  • Coordinating safety and security with other security professionals while ships are at port

  • Screening passengers who are returning to ships after being at port

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