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What are the job duties of a detention officer?

  • Maintains the safety and security of all personnel, inmates, and jail.

  • Processes inmates in and out; applies and removes restraints; communicates with inmates.

  • Searches facility and inmates; conducts strip searches as prescribed by policy and State Statute.

  • Distributes hygiene products.



  • Processing inmates; maintaining jail security; serving meals; transporting inmates.

  • Receives and processes inmates into custody of institution; searches prisoners; takes charge of personal property.

  • Provides inmates opportunity to call attorney or relative; advises inmates on institutional rules and regulations.

  • Patrols jail area periodically to insure security and maintain order.

  • Transports inmates to medical, court and related facilities.

  • Supervises inmates during meals, personal hygiene and related activities for conformance to institutional rules, regulations and procedures.

  • Escorts and safeguards inmates to cell; checks on inmates' physical condition.

  • Receives, counts, records and washes all laundry in the jail.

  • Dispenses personal and cell cleaning equipment; keeps record of money received from inmates.

  • Distributes medication to inmates as prescribed or directed.

  • Prepares routine records on inmates; performs general clerical duties.

  • Ensures the care and maintenance of quarters.

  • Records visits; inspects items brought into the jail; checks incoming and outgoing mail.

  • Investigates crimes and critical incidents; collects evidence; makes arrests; testifies in court.

  • Performs related tasks as required.


What is the difference between a correctional officer and a detention officer?

Detention officers guard individuals who are awaiting their hearing, while correctional officers are in charge of people convicted of crimes. Some detention officers are responsible for supervising prisoners being transported between the jail and the courthouse.

What is the difference between detention and jail?

Jail is a place where criminals are held captive for temporary custody. Detention centers are the place where individuals, juveniles or detainees are held captive when they are detained.

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