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What is the role of a Industrial Security Officer?

The overall duty of a Industrial Security Officer is to protect a company’s property, employees and visitors. Here are some of their typical daily responsibilities that you can include in a job description:

  • Patrolling and monitoring activities on the company’s premises regularly to discourage criminals and ensure the environment is safe and secure

  • Evicting trespassers and violators and detaining perpetrators while following legal protocols before relevant authorities arrive to take over

  • Controlling the entrance and departure of employees, visitors and vehicles according to protocols

  • Monitoring surveillance cameras to watch out for any disruptions or unlawful activities

  • Providing detailed reports on daily activities and any incidents that may have occurred to management

  • Testing security systems and, if needed, operating X-ray machines and metal detectors

  • Using provided communication devices such as two-way radios in a clear and concise manner

  • Performing CPR or first aid when needed

Industrial Security Officers are typically employed by private individuals or businesses to protect people, property and assets. Their regular duties can vary from position to position depending on the needs of their employer, but they’re often required to physically monitor or patrol an area and ensure the safety of the people within the home or business. Some Industrial Security Officers work as part of a team, while others work independently. Industrial Security Officers can be freelancers, internal employees or contractors from a industrial security company.

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