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Private Security Officers duties and responsibilities

The overall duty of a Private Security Officer is to protect a company’s property, employees and visitors. Here are some of their typical daily responsibilities that you can include in a job description:

  • Patrolling and monitoring activities on the company’s premises regularly to discourage criminals and ensure the environment is safe and secure

  • Evicting trespassers and violators and detaining perpetrators while following legal protocols before relevant authorities arrive to take over

  • Controlling the entrance and departure of employees, visitors and vehicles according to protocols

  • Monitoring surveillance cameras to watch out for any disruptions or unlawful activities

  • Providing detailed reports on daily activities and any incidents that may have occurred to management

  • Testing security systems and, if needed, operating X-ray machines and metal detectors

  • Using provided communication devices such as two-way radios in a clear and concise manner

  • Performing CPR or first aid when needed.

  • Secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry.

  • Obtain help by sounding alarms.

  • Prevent losses and damage by reporting irregularities, informing violators of policy and procedures; restraining trespassers.

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