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School Security Officer duties and responsibilities

School Security Officers: This is a responsible security position which requires assisting the school administration in maintaining a safe, secure learning environment for all students, teachers, and educational support personnel. This work requires a close working relationship with the principal of a school and/or an administrative building leader.

The School Safety Security Officer will provide support to the instructional process with specific responsibilities for the safety and welfare of students while on school grounds; monitoring personnel and/or visitors; communicating information in response to inquires; and enforcing the school and District rules and regulations pertaining to student academic behavior and drug prevention.

Essentia! Functions of a School Safety Security Officer. Collaborates with community agencies (e.g. law enforcement, courts, mental health, etc.) for the purpose of addressing individual cases and/or taking action regarding criminal activities, vandalism, etc. for the safety and security of the school site. . Communicates safety and security policies and enforcement procedures to students, staff and visitors for the purpose of ensuring their understanding of such information and the potential consequences of violation. . Conducts and monitors fire drills, lock downs and other emergency procedure drills for the purpose of complying with established guidelines. o Escorts students, school personnel and/or visitors for the purpose of providing direction, ensuring safety and providing site security. o Maintains a variety of files and records (e.g. schedules, incident reports, emergency drill records, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of information for future reference and/or audit for compliance to established policies. Monitors student behavior during and between assigned periods and at student events (e.g. lunch room, classrooms, detention, dances, home games, 'time outs,' etc.) for the purpose of ensuring student compliance with established guidelines, maintaining a safe and positive learning environment, and secure facility. o Participates in unit meetings, in-service training, workshops, hearings, etc. (e.g. court hearings, expulsion hearings, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform job functions. Patrols school facilities (e.g. grounds, roads, buildings, adjacent areas, parking lots, etc.) for the purpose of providing visibility, maintaining security and deterring criminal activities.

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